Annie Sloan paints everything

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Het nieuwste boek van Annie Sloan, oktober 2016. Taal: Engels Wat kun je er allemaal in lezen? Annie laat zien dat je werkelijk ieder deel van je huis kunt transformeren. Niet alleen meubels, vloeren en muren maar ook gordijnen, kussens en vloerkleden. In 40 projecten komen ze allemaal aan bod, met diverse technieken. Engelse editie.
In this, her most personal book yet, Annie Sloan opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to decorating your home. As well as ways to transform walls and furniture, you’ll also learn wonderful techniques for painting floors, fabrics, lighting, and more. Discover three chapters, all packed full of inspiration and advice: Furniture and Lighting, Fabric and Other Surfaces, and Walls and Floors. Forty step-by-step projects will guide you through the methods for using paint in ways you never thought possible, with clear instructions accompanying each picture, and helpful tips along the way. Learn about printing, stenciling, gilding, transferring images, and dyeing fabric, as well as all the secrets of making the most of Annie’s own Chalk Paint® range. Find out, too, how to combine colors for different styles, and how to tap into your creativity by painting patterns freehand.
No matter what your skill level, Annie Sloan Paints Everything will enable you to make over your home so you have the naturally stylish, individual interior you’ve always wanted.
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