Miss Mustard Seed Paintbrush SOAP / zeep voor kwasten

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Did you know that cleaning your paintbrushes and keeping the bristles hydrated is one of the major keys for extending their longevity? We have the perfect product to help with the process - our Brush Soap!Before we dive into the cleaning process, we have a question for you. What would your hair look like if you neglected to condition it for a week? How about a month? A year? Not a pretty sight, huh? Did you know your paintbrushes need to be cleaned and conditioned, just like your hair? The good news is that our Brush Soap is much more affordable than high-end salon products and in a few extra minutes, you can quickly implement using it into your regular brush cleaning routine.Our Brush Soap does not contains any synthetics or detergent chemicals. It's free of phosphates, ABS, LAS, fluorescents and artificial fragrances. Our Brush Soap is made with natural, eco-friendly, certified sustainable, and responsibly produced oils and fats that perfectly clean and condition paint brushes. It's ideal for cleaning Milk Paint from natural bristle brushes, but you could use it to clean any type of water-based paint from any type of brush.Rinse your paintbrush in lukewarm water and swirl your brush across the soap puck. It's shaped like a disc, making it easy to hold in your hand as you clean.For stubborn jobs, you can use any brand of dish detergent, especially if your brush has been left out overnight and the paint has become crusty. (It's OK...we've done it too!) Continue to wash and rinse the brush until all of the paint is gone and the water runs clean. It may take a few rounds of scrubbing and swishing.What's nice about our Brush Soap is that it acts as a soap and a conditioner all in one. It cleanses and hydrates every bristle of your brush to ensure its longevity and to prevent splitting and fraying. Once your brush is completely clean, wrap it in some brown paper or a paper towel.You can either tie it closed with a piece of string, use a rubber band, or simply lay it flat to dry.This step is important because it maintains the shape of your brush. Over time, as brushes dry naturally with no re-shaping, the bristles can spread out and develop a bell shape. This wrapping step will "train" the bristles to keep their proper shape and allow the brush to dry without spreading out in different directions. It essentially prevents a bristle "poof"!
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