Stempel Iron orchid designs farm animals – IOD boerderij dieren stempel

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Stempel Iron orchid designs farm animals – IOD boerderij dieren stempel
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IOD; Iron Orchid Design. De transfers van dit Amerikaanse merk zijn speciaal gemaakt voor decoratie. Ze worden voornamelijk gebruikt op meubeltjes, maar kunnen ook toegepast worden op een muur of wandbord. Hierdoor creëer je een unieke sfeer!



The IOD Décor Stamps have the power to transform an item that you found on the side of the road to an item that you will have to convince your husband you didn’t spend your entire monthly budget on. Yeah, that good.
But wait- there’s more.
The IOD décor stamps aren’t just for furniture and home décor, you can use them to transform your food art as well! The stamps are made from a food safe material (do not use the same sets for food and paint ;)). But be warned- they are not for high heat applications. Do NOT put in dishwasher, they will melt at extreme heats. And then you will be extremely heated too.
Before removing from backing, condition your stamps with very fine sandpaper, scuff the surface in two directions. This helps the mediums stay put, and not bead (which some types, like ceramics glazes, tend to do).
Remove stamps from backing when ready to use. This takes some force, but don’t worry, the stamps are strong.
We find that the easiest way to care for and clean stamps is to keep wet wipes nearby, and avoid letting the medium dry all the way on the stamp surface. Then, when you have time, wash them with mild soap and warm water. For some mediums you may find that you need a stamp cleaner. Use one that is safe for clear stamps. After thoroughly cleaned, place them back on the clear backing for storage
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Color Aqua
Liters 1 liter

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