Instructie Video's

Waxing tutorial @Dress it up

Painting on glass @Dress it up

Chalk Paint® tutorial No.1 - one-colour distressing technique with dark wax

Mid-Century Modern Project - Part 1: Choosing your Chalk Paint®

Mid-Century Modern Project – Part 2: Painting a smooth finish with
Chalk Paint®

Mid-Century Modern Project – Part 3: Waxing with
a smooth finish

Rustic Dresser Project - Part 1:
Paint & Colour

Rustic Dresser Project - Part 2:

Rustic Dresser Project - Part 3:
Wax & Finishing touches

Annie Sloan verft stof

How to fake a rich mahogany look - part 1

How to fake a rich mahogany look - Part 2

Chalk Paint® tutorial No.2 - two-colour distressing technique with clear wax